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Super Mario is arguably one of the most popular video game of all time. Since its inception in the mid 80's, this video game has been a recognizable household name. The game has evolved from its early days. It has expanded into different games such as the Wii Mario Kart. Aside from being a game, Super Mario has also been adapted to movies and cartoon shows. That is why getting to see The Super Mario Show is truly a great experience for every fan.

The Super Mario Super show aired on fox from September 4, 1989, to December 1, 1989 and continued to be re-aired for some time. Most older Mario fans will probably all ready know about the various Mario cartoons that have been released along with the other short lived Mario Cartoon series Super Mario World, which only aired from September 14 to 1991 – December 7, 1991 but still managed to produce some cool Mario themed cartoons.

My hope is to revive these classic cartoons for the next generation of Mario fans to enjoy and share

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